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    • Allspec Professional Home Inspections produces “easy to read” computer generated reports using nationally recognized computer software which exceeds New Jersey Licensing “Standards of Practice” as well as ASHI and FREA “Standards of practice.
    • Any defects found during the inspection will be listed with a priority rating in a summary report attached to the front of the main report making it easy to access and understand for the client and their real estate professionals.
    • A termite inspection and NPMA-33 termite report form is normaly required by lenders to obtain a mortgage; this service will be provided free of charge unlike many inspection companies who charge an additional fee for the termite report.
    • Allspec releases the home inspection report the day of the inspection to the client and their real estate professionals via email. A  hard copy report package is available upon request for an additional fee of $35.00 and is normally mailed out within two buisness days of the inspection.


                           What gets inspected during your home inspection.

    • Exterior: Driveways, sidewalks, front and rear porch, patio, gates, fences and walls, decks and stairs.
    • Structure: Exterior walls, trim, visible foundation, basement, accessible crawl space, exterior doors, exterior of chimneys and flashings.
    • Roof: Inspect the roof covering to determine materials used and their condition. Inspect all visible flashings and valleys. Inspect the interior of the attic to determine type of framing and materials used. Inspect mechanical systems present. Inspect ventilation. Inspect insulationand make upgarde recommendations if needed.
    • Electrical: Inspect service conductors. Inspect interior of main panels and sub panels to determine if defects exist and to determine conductor materials and condition. Inspect branch circuit wiring for defects as visible and accessible. Determine conductor materials. This is especially important if single strand aluminum wiring is present and in use in 110 Volt circuits as it may require upgrades to eliminate fire/shorting hazards and make it safe. Determine size of service. Determine type of overcurrent protection. Test a representative number of outlets.
    • Plumbing: Inspect all visible water piping and determine type of materials used. Note location and operation of water main shut off. Test water pressure at all faucets and drainage at all drains. Determine type and size of water heater. Test exterior hose spigots. Look for defects and leaks at all visible water piping and waste lines. determine condition of all fixtures and tile work at showers and tubs. Check for proper ventilation in all bathrooms.
    • Heating/Cooling: Operate heating system and inspect all visible components of the heating system. Note type of heating system and its condition. Check venting. Check filters as needed. Check for heat and leaks at hot water system piping and radiators. Run Cooling system as exterior temps allow (A/C should not be run below 65 F exterior temps) and check for proper temperature drop/differential.Inspect condenste lines and drip pans. Inspect filters as needed. Inspect air handler and distribution duct work as visible and accessible.
    • Interior: Walls, floors, ceilings, doors and windows.
    • Bathrooms: Check counters tops/cabinets. Run all faucets to check for pressure and leaks. Check drainage at tubs/showers and sinks. Check floor and wall tiles. Check for adequate water pressure.Check for proper ventilation.
    • Kitchen: Counter tops, cabinets, sink faucets, drainage and built in appliances stoves, wall ovens, range hoods, run garbage disposer, run dishwasher through a cycle.
    • Laundry Appliances which are part of the sale are run through a cycle however no guarantee applies; Buyer should re test these items at final walk through.

                          Pre posession check list provided with report.

    • Allspec includes a pre possession checklist in the client’s Home Inspection report. We strongly advise all buyers take time to conduct this easy to follow check list during the final walkthrough prior to purchase to avoid any disappointment due to defects which may have been  concealed during the initial home inspection because of occupant storage or snow cover. Run all appliances, AC, Heating systems and appliances. Flush all toilets run sinks etc to check drains and water pressure. Things can and do break down in the interim between purchase and closing. Taking time to do a thorough walk through inspection is an important part of the purchasing process. Imagine buying lets say a car and not closing for two months. Wouldn't you want to take it for a spin before you close to check its condition and be sure it still runs nice ? Sure you would so dont skimp on your walk through inspection of your new home.


                Price schedule for 2018.

    • Termite inspection included in home inspection fee.      
    • Single family homes: $470
    • Single family homes up to three bedrooms, two baths and one kitchen with no out buildings, larger homes call for price.
    • Condo or town house: $300
    • This price is for one bedroom units.
    • Condo or town house: $400
    • This price is for two bedroom units with one bath
    • Multifamily same structure: $800
    • This price is for a two family home under 50 years old with two bedrooms 1 bathroom per apartment, homes three family or over and homes over 50 years old call for price.
    • Radon Termite and home inspection package single family home: $595
    • This price is for single family homes as described above, larger homes call for price.
    • Radon termite and home inspection package condo or town home: $500
    • This price is for two bedroom condo or town home units.
    • Homes or condos with crawl space add $100 to inspection fee.
    • Partial inspection: $250
    • Maximum of two items with written report.
    • Finsal walkthrough package: $250
    • This is for a walk through inspection with the client prior to purchase to determine if scheduled repairs were completed.
    • Radon testing: $125
    • This price is for setting a canister during the home inspection if the property is within a 25 mile range of our office; over 25 miles call for price.
    • Radon testing: $175
    • This price is for setting a canister without a home inspection if the property is within a 25 mile range of our office; over 25 miles call for price.
    • Printed report: $35
    • Reports are released via Email however a printed report package can be provided upon request for an additional fee of $35 to cover postage, time and materials.

         Serving Monmouth Middlesex and Ocean counties.

     Cell: 732 513 7254

 Email: allspecinsp@aol.com